• Streamlined, on-the-go functionality from any computer, tablet or mobile device that is connected to the web—no software to download!

  • Direct support is only a phone call away with our team located in Lincoln, NE

  • Only utilize and pay for the functionality you need


SHIFTR makes it easy to build and manage the team schedule and track attendance—all from your desktop or the mobile app. Start scheduling for free and create the team schedule in minutes!

Enjoy flexible features for teams of all sizes! From employees to volunteers to special events, SHIFTR works with industries across the board, ranging from; customer service and support, front and back offices, administration, non-profits, entertainment, restaurants and bars, service industries, retail, athletics, hospitality, lodging, manufacturing, education, childcare, healthcare, and caregiving—to name a few!

  • Shift Swapping

  • Available Shifts Up For Grabs

  • Budgeting & Labor Costing

  • Calendar Sync

  • Automatic Notifications

  • Account Customization

  • Easy Schedule Building

  • Time Clock

  • Teams Of All Sizes

  • Web Portal & Mobile App

  • Templates & Recurring Schedules

  • Time Off Requests & Availability

To learn more or to sign up for SHIFTR employee scheduling,
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Simple Invoicing & Accounts Receivable

  • Always know who owes you, how much, and invoice appropriately with full-featured finance charge functionality

  • Send invoices in a timely manner

  • Effectively track and breakdown data on a customer level or job level and send invoices, generate balances/statements or see history accordingly

  • Accurately track costs and profit margins

  • Enhance your tax accuracy with fast and easy tracking and detailed reporting

  • Full-featured tax reporting allows for accurate tax remittance

  • Ability to digitally send invoices

  • Decide when you want to account for costs of goods or services sold

Accounts Payable

  • Consistently track and record your expenses

  • Detailed reporting

  • Option of check printing or ACH payments

  • Easy one-time payment feature to keep vendor lists clean

  • Indicate 1099 payees upfront and automatically generate forms when needed

  • Easily eliminate 1099 line items for accurate tax filing

  • Reoccurring payment functionality

Worklog & Time Tracking

  • Track and manage employees' time and activities

  • Reporting can be parsed by project, client, service, specific activity, etc.

  • Maintain billable and non-billable interactions for tracking and invoicing

  • Log and track communication and interactions

  • Customize the data fields to specify what information you want automatically collected with each type of entry

  • Export data into accounting software for invoicing and job costing

Expense & Mileage Management

  • Submit and record receipts and/or mileage for expense reporting in real time

  • Assign expenses/mileage to a project, client, service, specific activity, etc.

  • Directly take and upload photos of receipts from your phone or tablet


  • Accurately mirrors your real-time stock counts and inventory

  • Track inventory costs through purchase orders

  • Items can be tracked in bulk or individually

  • Track internal use of inventory

  • Activity reporting

  • Location-based inventory tracking

  • Optional integration with accounts receivable for invoicing of inventory items


  • Control purchasing for both inventory or non-inventory items

  • Assign purchase orders to specific jobs and projects

  • Full inventory cost tracking functionality


  • Create smart bids, estimates, and collect information

  • Simplify tracking and reduce duplicate efforts

  • Easily transition bids and estimates into open jobs or invoices

  • Measure the percentage of won-to-loss bids and track patterns

Order Management

  • Significantly improve accuracy and efficiency during the ordering process for both staff and customers

  • Preconfigure which product components work together for custom ordering

  • Allows for sophisticated guidance through the decision making process when creating orders (i.e. predefined content options can be populated based on selections)

  • Expand to integrate orders into accounts receivable and inventory for precise backend operations


  • Assign employees to scheduled job appointments (work orders, tasks, events, etc.)

  • Set alerts to be received via email or text

  • Match your pool of labor to your pool of jobs based on assigned skill sets and availability

  • Location mapping integrated with Google Maps

  • Assign a general task that is not time-specific

  • Configure this module to work with items (i.e. equipment, inventory, etc.) for check out, scheduling, and keeping tabs


  • Quickly integrate retail, service-as-work, and sales orders

  • Avoid the hassle of double entry by integrating directly with accounts receivable

  • Works with third-party barcode scanners, cash drawers, and printers (including receipt)